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Michael Praver has been in the business credit and business finance industry for over 20 years and has used this experience to help many   entrepreneurs in various fields find the funding they need to move their projects forward.

Michael is vigilant in providing clients with the information, services, and support required to make sound business decisions. He has specific expertise in helping business owners repair their personal credit while establishing credit for the companies they own. Establishing this crucial financial infrastructure makes it much easier for companies to raise money from all sources (equity & finance) as they move forward.

Our advisors help clients understand the intricacies of business finance, asset protection, business taxation, and corporate structure, as a natural by-product of helping them finance their business. These services are provided free of charge and are part-and-parcel of the funding process.

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“I originally started working with Michael Praver to build business credit for my company three years ago. I’ve connected him to other people who need business finance help and they’ve always been happy. He always returns phone calls, he’s very personable, and he’s got a lot of great solutions for resolving business funding problems. He’s just great to work with.”

Aaron Moore
Business Owner