Upcoming Events

We offer and support events for filmmakers every month.  Click the links below to attend face to face and conference call events we think will help you you develop and produce profitable projects.

June 2: Bruce Nash of The-Numbers.com: Using Film Analytics to Persuade Investors

June 7: Quickly Reaching Film Investors w/ Jason Scoggins, COO of Slated.com

June 15: Putting Your Muse On Speed Dial with Psychotherapist Bill Benson, The Mental Gym

June 26: The Character Key with Actor/Producer Natalia Lazarus: Create True Characters

June 29: WeScreenplay.com Co-Founder Scot Lawrie: An Insiders Look at Screenplay Coverage

July 12: Backstage Magazine Casting Solutions for Filmmakers, Actors & Screenwriters

July 19: Building Fundable Films with Warren Ostergard, co-founder Producer Capital Fund

July 21: Executive Producer Jason Howard: Mistakes I’ve Made (that You Can Avoid)

To keep up to date on the all the events we offer, join our LA Film Industry Meetup.