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“Beyond the fact that Michael was able to obtain the funds that i needed to create the art that I am most passionate about, beyond the fact that working with Michael was a breath of fresh air compared to the business world of any art and entertainment industry that I have had any experience in dealing with, beyond the fact that he did exactly what he said he was going to do and more, what pleases me most is that Michael went beyond all of this by shifting the way I saw myself as an artist and as a business. Michael and his team worked very hard in getting me the finances promised for the project that I had been stressing about. Once i had the money, I was able to focus on the art. But in addition to this burden being lifted, the information that Michael bestowed upon me has giving me the opportunity to participate within my artistic visions in a way that is far more fulfilling than I had imagined. I don’t just recommended Michael Praver, I am suggesting that he and his company is a necessity for anyone who believes in themselves as an independent artist or creator, and seeks to take their work seriously.” Joshua Silverstein, Media Producer 

“I’ve run a successful company for many years, handling the vast majority of my expenses and investments out of pocket.  I am now actively launching new businesses in different industries and I’ve been working with Michael Praver to establish credit lines to support those operations. The credit building process has been very swift and smooth. We’ve just followed Michael’s advice to the letter.” Jon Peterson, Serial Entrepreneur

“I originally started working with Michael Praver to build business credit for my company three years ago. I’ve connected him to other people who need business finance help and they’ve always been happy. He always returns phone calls, he’s very personable, and he’s got a lot of great solutions for resolving business funding problems. He’s just great to work with.” Aaron Moore, Business Owner

“I first contacted Michael as I sought financing to launch a business in an industry I was very familiar with.  I found him to be a great listener, able to answer questions, and he delivered on his promises. Michael’s business is not an exact science, but he has the right tools to make it happen.” Bruce Pearson, Founder

“My experience working with Michael and the staff at FilmFundingLA has been amazing. Michael stepped me through a process to secure a line of credit and let me kick start two feature film projects at the same time. As an Indie film maker, raising development funding is critical to packaging and launching a project. If you are serious about your film, I encourage you to speak with Michael Praver. He may have an answer for you too.” Wain Bradley, Producer/Video Editor/Sound Designer at Haddie Motion Picture LLC