Service Providers

If you need help or advice in developing, casting, producing, distributing or marketing your film, you may want to reach out to some of the people below.  While we provide no warranty at all for their consulting services, and use of any of these services is entirely at your own risk, they come highly recommended by others and, in some cases, our personal interactions lead us to believe they are reputable advisors. It’s always wise to seek advice from multiple experts before making important decisions that may determine the long term success of your project, or making significant investments that may impact your probability of success.

FilmFundingLA funds filmmakers for any purpose.  Whether you work with people listed here, or any other service provider, you can use the financial resources you access through FilmFundingLA for any purpose (development, pre-production, production, post-production, acquiring, film distribution, theatrical release, film marketing). If you are a service provider and you’d like to be added to this list, email

Patrick G. Ingram, Executive Producer  |

Budgeting, Name Talent Casting, Creating a Business Plan, Pitching Projects to Investors, Pre-Sales and Minimum Guarantees from Distributors.

Jon Harris, GhostWriter/Script Doctor |

Jonathan Harris fixes screenplays, converts books to screenplays, converts screenplays to books, and ghostwrite books and screenplays swiftly under work-for-hire agreements that give the customer the copyright on the finished work.

Ray Ellingsen, Full Service Development |

Providing script, budget, casting, pre-sales, business plan, legal, and funding assistance.

Slated Equity Investment Platform for Film |

Executive producer services, script coverage, film analytics, and hundreds of active equity investors specifically interested in film.

FilmProfit Film Analytics & Film Business Plans |

Creates financial forecasts for independent film projects. Creates business plans and other supporting documents required by film finance companies, banks, and equity investors.