Film & SBA Loans

To make your living as an independent filmmaker, enjoying the freedom to produce projects you care about and build audiences that follow you from movie to movie, requires building a production company, which is to say a normal business that uses standard business tools for financing projects, acquiring assets, and managing money. 

SBA loans can help your growing production company acquire personnel, equipment, expertise, marketing resources, distribution relationships, and even income, that will make producing films, much easier. Even new production companies can benefit from using the SBA to enter the entertainment industry profitably. Investors find companies with property and cash flow far easier to trust.  An SBA loan can help you acquire these assets. 

If you are buying a business, its worth noting that SBA isn’t particuarly interested in perfect credit or personal assets.  The business you are buying and your ability to prove that you and your team can build that business well are what matters most.

We’re experts at helping people acquire SBA loans.  We can even help you find entertainment industry businesses who are actively looking to sell because the owner wants to retire or move on to other areas of interest.  We have no upfront fees and we handle loans from $1M-$5M.

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