Film Funding LA Videos

As part of our ongoing determination to help independent filmmakers make more profitable films, we sponsor educational events with industry professionals almost every week.

Below you’ll find links to recordings of some of the events we’ve participated in creating. Remember that you can use the financing we provide for any purpose and you may work with any provider.  The videos provided below are not meant as specific endorsements or recommendations for any service provider and if you follow the advice or strategies they outline, you do so at your own risk.

Tips for Producing the $2M-$10M Film

Selling Films Worldwide with

How to Develop & Package a Film 

Getting Distributor Minimum Guarantees

Using SBA Loans to Purchase Entertainment Industry Businesses
Production Companies, Post Production Houses, Sound Stages, Distributors, etc.

Working with an Effective Executive Producer

Getting Equity Investment through

Using Film Analytics to Persuade Investors

How to Find and Accept Money From Investors

Merchandising Partners Who Will Help You Earn More From Your Film

More than a dozen videos for filmmakers from expert events we’ve sponsored can be found here on Youtube.