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Get $50K-$250K in film funding with no upfront fees. Funds can be used for any purpose. Work with us going forward to ensure your production company always has access to the financial resources it needs. Need help understanding how to fund a film? Check out our film funding videos.

$50K-$250K in Development Funding

Simply apply online now or call (310) 310-8614. We charge no upfront fees and we work with new filmmakers as well as established media production companies.

Access $250k+

As our testimonials indicate, we work with business owners for the long term. We help them separate personal and business credit, get financing on better terms over time, refinance, etc.

Buy Equipment, Facilities & Businesses with SBA Loans

We can help you buy equipment, property, and even existing film industry businesses. We are experts at SBA Business Loans. A good personal credit rating isn’t a key factor.

Business Management Support

We help our customers grow and manage their access to financial resources from the day they launch their business to the day they sell it.


FilmFundingLA sponsors and produces face-to-face and online events every month to help independent filmmakers produce more profitable media and enjoy more success creative careers. Join our Film Industry Meetup to learn more.

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